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I'm a Philadelphia-based director, specializing in film production. Spending time blending realism and fantasy is a priority of mine, since the world could always use more magic. I use storytelling to create multi-dimensional and empowered female characters, as well as to discuss universal stories of art and humanity. Through short-form documentaries I showcase diverse community leaders, and currently I'm in development for an independent long-form documentary.

I'm pursuing a Film and Media Arts BFA at Temple University. I just finished spending a summer working in Los Angeles as a development intern at HIVEMIND (an LA-based production company behind projects incl. The Witcher, The Expanse, and del Toro's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark).

I'm currently developing my senior thesis short film, Meet Me Under the Bleachers. I'm also active in the school's media community as live studio director of TUTV's sketch comedy program Temple SMASH, as well as through membership in the national DKA Professional Cinematic Society.

On student, semi-professional, independent, and studio productions in several cities across the country, I've worked in roles such as assistant directing, production managing and coordination, sound mixing, and general production and location assistance.

I love learning about the way the arts contribute to society. I'm also studying music at Temple University, in which I'm focusing on the global impacts of music in culture. I spend my free time studying music theory, as well as exploring my local community through piano accompaniment.

My junior thesis film, To Keep Your Vital Organs Warm, surrounds the story of a pianist. Upcoming screenings listed in the "Vitals" page above!

Feel free to reach out for any business inquiries!

Contact                 Tel: 609-605-0608

Production Memories

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