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Where We Never Held Hands (2023)

Written by Gabriella Hsu (coming Winter 2023)

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To Keep Your Vital Organs Warm (2023)

Junior Thesis Short Film (coming Spring 2024)

Nominee Best Actress - Playhouse West Film Festival - 2023.png
Official Selection - Philadelphia Latino Film Festival Youth Salon - 2023-3.png
Semi Finalist - Austin International Art Festival - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - Paris International Short Festival - 2023.png

The Unstoppables 5: 2 Fast 2 Unstoppable (2021)

Wandering Studios

When one last job is cancelled for America's best mercenary team due to budget cuts at the FBI, they have to find ways of making it in the normal world, with varying degrees of success.

Official Selection of the 6th Diamond Screen Women's Film Festival 2022

(Narrative, 14:18 min)


Symbol of Beauty (2022)

Visual artist Chenlin Cai is renowned for his stunning work both in Beijing and Philadelphia.  Focused on ideals of blending the past, present, and future, his most recent public pieces for the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation

emphasize the importance of health, safety, education, and fun for younger generations.

(Documentary, 5:05 min)

A Stitch in Time (2021)

Spending a day in the life of a mother-daughter embroidery shop, A Stitch in Time explores the many projects and customer relations the pair manage on a weekly basis.

Official Selection of the 22nd Diamond Screen Film Festival 2021;

Official Selection of the 5th Diamond Screen Women's Film Festival 2021

(Documentary, 6:50 min)


Temple SMASH: Episode 1501 (2023)

"Temple University's #1 Sketch Comedy Show!"; featuring musical guest Steal the Night. Distributed via YouTube livestream and TUTV broadcast channel.

(Comedy, 1:01:09 hr)

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